“I met with Maria in February 2020. She was towards the end of her 2nd trimester. She wanted to apply for a port-a-crib. Maria told me about her experience as a single mom with a seven and ten year old. She was feeling anxious about her new baby because, with two older kids, she felt like she was completely starting over. I assured her that we will be there with her all the way until her baby turns one.

I explained all the different resources available to her like educational classes and material assistance. She expressed interest in the Bright Course program to earn points towards baby items she would need in the future.

When COVID came along, I continued to keep in touch with Maria. I called her regularly to discuss the Bright Course videos I had sent her and answer any questions she had.

Maria welcomed baby Destiny on Mother’s Day.

In June, Maria requested a bouncy chair for Destiny. Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to gift her with one. Maria used the points she had accumulated through the Bright Course lessons to “buy” the bouncy chair for Destiny. Pictured above is Destiny in her new bouncy chair!

Thank you again for making our mission possible.




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