The following is a story of a young couple choosing life for her unborn baby as told by the employees at Woodbury Options for Women.

Sarah (Receptionist):

Thien sent an appointment request to the center in early June to schedule an abortion for his wife who was about 6 weeks pregnant. I scheduled them the next day for pregnancy testing and an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. A somber couple walked into our center the next morning. I welcomed them and let Kacey know they had arrived.

Kacey (Nurse Manager):

I met with Thien and his wife, Mai. Mai did not speak English, so Thien translated everything for her. I performed a pregnancy test for Mai and while we waited for the results, I introduced them to Kris for advocacy.

Kris (Client Advocate):

I introduced myself to Thien and Mai and asked them about their current situation. Thien shared, “We already have one 3-year-old daughter and we would like more children in the future, just not right now.” It was obvious that the economic uncertainty was affecting their decision. He said, “Now is not a good time to have a baby, its’ best for us to have an abortion.”

I let them know our center does not provide or refer for abortions, and Thien pressed for where they could get one. I reiterated that we do not refer for abortions, but we do offer medically accurate information on abortion, as well as support for parenting and adoption.

The couple agreed to viewing a physician-led HopeSync video about abortion procedures. In addition to the physician explanation, they viewed a personal testimony from a woman who had an abortion. Thien translated everything for Mai. Mai was visibly distressed while watching the abortion procedure videos. I explained the comprehensive support and resources available to them through our center and partnering agencies: infant clothing and necessities, a portable crib, advocacy, prenatal care, and more. They seemed relieved to know they were not alone. I led them back to the Nurse’s office for her ultrasound.


When Thien and Mai walked in after meeting with Kris, I felt like I was meeting a whole new couple! They were visibly happier, like a weight had been lifted off their shoulders. I performed the ultrasound and showed them their baby on the large monitor. I referred them to Options for Women East for free prenatal care.


Thien and Mai walked out of the office smiling, laughing, and chatting with Kris. I was blown away by the stark difference between the couple who walked in and the couple that left. It was truly a miracle.

Kris followed up with them and they recently returned for another ultrasound appointment. They brought along their 3 year old daughter and are so excited to welcome a precious new life to their family in January 2021.Thank you for your continued prayers and financial gifts that make our life-saving work possible.



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