Norbert Tennessen | 06.16.2020

Norbert Tennessen | 06.16.2020

Virtually every person will agree: We are surrounded by the wonders of creation. Maybe it is the songbird’s early morning serenades, the family of turtles sunning themselves on a log floating in the pond, or a Monarch butterfly laying eggs on the blossoms of a milkweed plant. Indeed, even a weed plays a crucial role enabling butterflies to be fruitful and multiply. Were it not for these weeds, the Monarch butterfly would not exist.

Nobody watching this butterfly lay its eggs would subsequently extinguish the imminent lives of the butterfly’s offspring by stomping on the milkweed any more than they would crush a nest full of bluebird eggs. This would be unthinkable, especially in the hue and cry of environmentalists.

There is something special about the unbridled quest for self-preservation by every living creature with one notable exception.  When it comes to the human species about half of the population sees no problem with extinguishing the life of an unborn person.  Woodbury Options for Women is here to share the truth with women and men about their options of parenting, adoption and abortion.  Is life really a matter of choice and reproductive healthcare? Are there weeds amid our complicated lives? Yes, and at Woodbury Options for Women we believe that each life is valuable; man, woman and child.



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